Brash and eye-catching

Designed using Boeing 787 aircraft grade aluminium magnesium alloy, the ZTE Axon is strong and lightweight.

The Affordable Premium 4G Android handset

With its crystal-clear, U-shaped curved display and design, the Blade Series is truly stunning. The oversized 5-inch screen is sleeker and more power efficient thanks to ZTE’s in-cell technology.

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Blade S6

 14,490.00  13,499.00
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Blade S7

 19,999.00  15,500.00

ZTE Blade V7 Lite

The ZTE Blade V7 Lite is a 4G  smart phone for Optus. Running Android 6 with a large and bright 5” HD IPS display. This metal uni-bodied device has many features including a finger print reader.